Christmas gift for stay at home mom

Inside this post: Discover gift ideas for stay-at-home moms to make shopping easy for you and help her feel special. These treasures make being a stay-at-home mom a little bit easier. Post contains affiliate links.

My husband never knows what to buy me for the holidays or special occassion. Turns out, gift ideas for stay-at-home moms is not his super power. He’s amazing at putting the kids to bed, taking me out on a date, and cooking breakfast.

But gifts?

The more direction I offer, the better his gifts wow and impress me. To be honest, if I tell him exactly what I would like, he’s a master.

He recently returned home from a work trip with a beautiful Ecco wallet. That made my whole month because my previous wallet had been around for a decade.

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure here.

As a disclaimer, I will say that we don’t buy many gifts for each other. We are savers, not spenders; however, a few times a year–and especially at Christmas–we like to treat each other.

I’d personally rather have one expensive gift a year, knowing it will last a long time, rather than several inexpensive gifts that last a month or less.

Gift Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

If you need to buy a gift for a stay-at-home mom, check out these 7 ideas to make her day. Opening any one of these gift ideas from someone special would make my jaw drop.

Honey, are you listening? Wink. Wink.

1. Affirmation Cards for Moms

I honestly can’t think of a mom who wouldn’t absolutely, without a doubt, fall in love with these printable positive affirmations. This gift is unique and unlike any other. I know any mom would surely appreciate and love these cards as a sweet gift. Plus, you can’t beat the affordable price!

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

2. FitBit Hi Tech Accessories

So she doesn’t have time to head out for a run everyday or hit the gym, but she’ll be surprised how much exercise she already gets running around chasing after the kids! Give the stay at home mom the gift of encouragement through this stylish Fitbit. She can see where she’s already excelling and it’s such a fun tool to view sleeping, exercise and more!

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

3. Bearpaw Sued Slipper

Running around the house all day is hard on the body. Give her these comfy and cute slippers so she can look cute while being comfortable around as she runs around the house!

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

4. Shark Bagless Stick Vacuum

Okay, okay, so I know that the golden rule for giving stay at home moms a gift is not to give them a vacuum, but whoever said that hasn’t seen this vacuum and hasn’t been using an old crummy one for far too long! What stay-at-home mom wouldn’t want an upgrade to one of her most valued sidekicks? Just make sure to pair it with the Initial Bar Pendant so you spoil her in an extra special way along with this.

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

5. Bar Pendant Necklace

Okay, like we said…don’t just get the vacuum! Get the necklace too! We featured the simple, initial necklace on our stay at home mom wardrobe tips. This will give her a feeling of classy, glam and she can add it to any outfit without it being impractical for functioning around. So go on, help her feel a little fancier today.

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

6. Mom Life is the Best Life Sweatshirt

She’ll love this sweatshirt that says it all. Plus it’s comfy and will look great with yoga pant.

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

7. Fossil Hobo-Brown Handbag

Everyone knows the stay at home mom carries the whole family on her shoulders…but really! She bounces around from activity to errand to house all day long carrying everything the whole family needs in her purse. Give her an upgrade this holiday with this awesome bag that is not only stylish but has room for everything she needs to stuff in there and has a shoulder strap so that she can wear it satchel style if she’s also juggling hands full of kids.

Christmas gift for stay at home mom

8. Airstream Pillow. 

This pillow fits in any purse or bag, but it’s perfect for camping, the beach, or when your child needs to lay down for a quick nap in the back of the van while waiting for an older sibling to finish school. So many handy uses for this! Also perfect for reading a book in the park while the kids play.

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