Can i use cash with uber eats

This posed a problem for some customers who didn’t have one or didn’t want to use their credit cards for food delivery.

Thankfully, Uber Eats has now added cash as a payment option.

In this article, we’ll answer the question: does Uber Eats take cash?

Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to use cash to pay for your orders.

Let’s get started!

Table Of Contents

  • Does Uber Eats Take Cash?
  • Uber Eats Payment Options
  • Uber Cash vs. Paying For Uber With Cash
  • How to Pay Cash for Uber Eats
  • Can You Tip Uber Eats Drivers in Cash?
  • Uber Eats Cash Payments for Drivers
  • Uber Eats Cash Payment Refunds
  • Final Thoughts

Does Uber Eats Take Cash?

Yes, Uber Eats now allows users to pay cash for their orders.

So now drivers are responsible for collecting payment when they arrive with the delivery.

Drivers might need to start carrying change as part of the transition.

Cash payment has not always been an option for Uber Eats, and in some areas, it may not be available.

But there are many places where the payment method changes.

Unfortunately, the United States is not one of those places.

At least not yet, anyway.

Uber Eats Payment Options

Uber Eats accepts a wide variety of payment options, between credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, and more.

You can pay for an Uber Eats order in numerous ways, each one of them geared toward offering a simple and convenient service for the user.

Each payment option for Uber Eats has certain benefits.

The different payment options that we’ll look at are:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Uber git card
  • UberCash

1. Cash

Uber Eats began accepting cash payments in 2017 in Mumbai.

The option gained popularity and spread to other cities in the area and other countries worldwide, while the United States does not allow cash payments.

2. Card

Paying for your Uber Eats delivery with a credit card is a straightforward procedure allowed wherever Uber Eats exists.

Whether you have American Express or you’re a Chase Ultimate Rewards member, you can use your cards for Uber Eats with no hassle.

Some cards, like American Express, even offer rewards if you use them on your Uber Eats order.

This makes the delivery service much more attractive.

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3. PayPal

PayPal is a prevalent payment option for all sorts of transactions.

It’s also a safe and easy way to pay for your Uber Eats order.

In the United States and Canada, you can use PayPal to pay for your Uber Eats delivery.

However, this option is not available in all countries.

4. Venmo

Venmo is a popular payment app available to use on Uber Eats.

However, it is only available in the United States.

You simply add your Venmo account to the Uber Eats app.

5. Uber Gift Card

One of the simplest ways to pay for Uber Eats is with an Uber gift card.

It can apply to Uber rides and Uber Eats, whatever you need.

6. Uber Cash

Better than a coupon code, UberCash is a payment option that allows you to pay for rides and Uber Eats directly through the app.

You purchase UberCash on the app.

Or it comes through rewards and promotional programs, benefits with American Express, or credits from Uber Support.

Uber Cash vs. Paying For Uber With Cash

Can i use cash with uber eats

Uber Cash is a different entity than cash and is a credit that can be purchased or supplied directly through the Uber app for express use on Uber rides and Uber Eats.

It is not actual cash, even though the name might suggest it as such.

Paying with cash requires users to select the cash option (if available) and then pay with cash when the delivery driver arrives with the order.

Where Can You Pay in Cash for Uber Eats?

Paying for Uber with cash is not a universally accepted practice.

Some countries allow it, including India, where the cash program began.

However, in many countries – like the United States – cash is not an option for Uber Eats.

You can pay cash for Uber Eats in countries such as:

  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Peru
  • South Africa

While the list isn’t long, it’s certainly growing.

Who knows, maybe the United States will be the next country to accept cash!

How to Pay Cash for Uber Eats

If you are in one of those countries that allow you to pay cash for your Uber Eats order, then you should give it a try.

The process is simple, so don’t be intimidated.

Just make sure to pay the delivery driver when they arrive!

Can i use cash with uber eats

Step by Step Guide

The first thing to do is sign in to your Uber Eats app.

Then head over to your wallet and select the option to add a payment method.

If you live in a region where cash is accepted, you’ll see a little cash icon that you can click.

Not all Uber drivers carry change with them, so make sure you have the exact amount that your meal costs ready to go.

All that’s left to do is press “OK” and get the cash ready!

You’ll give it straight to the delivery driver when they arrive.

Can You Tip Uber Eats Drivers in Cash?

One of my favorite things about Uber Eats is that the drivers get 100% of their tips.

That means that the money you give them in appreciation for their hard work will stay with them.

It won’t get split up with someone who didn’t deliver your food.

Whether you tip in cash or through the app, the driver will get 100% of those tips.

The app will always prompt a tipping option as you check out, but you can undoubtedly tip them in cash when they arrive with your food.

Do UberEats Driver Prefer Cash Tips?

Uber Eats drivers are all different.

I always preferred cash tips when I worked in the service industry.

But some people like having all their money together at the end of the day.

Because of my own experience, I try to always tip in cash when I can.

Whether you tip with cash or through the app, it’s comforting to know that 100% of that tip money is going to your driver.

Uber Eats Cash Payments for Drivers

For drivers, the transition to cash payments is a new experience.

Many have not had to handle cash for the entirety of their time with Uber Eats.

But the world is constantly changing, which means that Uber Eats delivery drivers have to learn how to deal with cash payments now.

How to Accept a Cash Payment Order

Uber Eats tries to simplify the process as it transitions to allowing cash payments for deliveries.

To accomplish this, they will enable the driver to keep the cash from the app user.

Then the driver “pays” Uber through their digital account.

Whatever money the delivery driver has earned for digitally-charged transactions can go towards paying off the balance of an order paid with cash.

So instead of the cash going to the delivery driver, then going to management, then going to the bank, and then going back to the delivery driver (do you have a headache?), it simply stays with the driver.

Do You Need to Make Change?

As a delivery driver, you might have to make change for Uber customers.

The app will prompt cash payments to be exact, but not everyone has exact change lying around.

Carrying some change with you on your deliveries might be a good idea as Uber Eats opens more regions to cash payment.

That way, you can quickly make changes and avoid any awkward situations that might arise otherwise.

Uber Eats Cash Payment Refunds

Historically, Uber Eats provided customers refunds for missing orders, incorrect orders, or incorrect items within an order.

Uber Eats works as the middle-man between the customer and the restaurant, making the process as easy as possible.

Can i use cash with uber eats

Can You Get a Refund for an Uber Eats Cash Payment?

Uber Eats has always been very prompt about dealing with refund requests.

With cash payments, the process may take longer.

However, there’s no reason Uber Eats can’t issue a refund for a cash payment.

They will likely refund you over the app, with UberCash or an Uber gift card.

However, this may prove more convenient for everyone in the long run.

How to Request a Refund

There are two primary ways you can request a refund.

First, you can try calling Uber’s customer service line.

Calling might not be the most appealing option, but some prefer talking directly to other people.

The other option is to request a refund through the app.

If you open the app and go to your previous orders section, find the order you’d like refunded, and go into it.

If you select your driver’s name in the order information section, you should be able to rate your experience and give a reason for why the order was disappointing.