How to unlock phone with t mobile

Switching from T-Mobile to another cell phone provider isn’t rocket science. To start, you’ll need to unlock your phone—and we’ve got the deets on how.

Before you unlock your phone

When it comes to unlocking your phone, T-Mobile is like that über strict college professor. You know the one.

While some cell phone carriers make unlocking your phone simple, T-Mobile’s process is a bit messy. That’s because it has a giant checklist of requirements you’ll need to meet before you can unlock your phone. What a surprising headache from the wireless provider that calls itself the “Un-carrier”!

Here’s a quick look at some of the more surprising requirements for unlocking your T-Mobile phone.

Before you unlock your T-Mobile phone . . .

  • You can only request two unlock codes per line of service each year.
  • You might need to give T-Mobile proof of purchase for your phone.
  • Your device must have been active on T-Mobile’s network for at least 40 days—and prepaid phones must be active for at least a year.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Yeesh.

How to unlock your T-Mobile phone

Get your paperwork in order before you call T-Mobile.

If you’re checking all the boxes on those requirements, you can call T-Mobile’s customer service to begin unlocking your phone. But before you call, make sure you have these things on hand.

What you’ll need for unlocking a T-Mobile phone:

  • The primary account holder’s name and the account number
  • The account password or the account holder’s social security number
  • Your phone number
  • Your phone’s 14- to 15-digit IMEI or MEID number

You can usually find your IMEI or MEID number under the battery cover or on the back of your phone. If you can’t find it there, just dial *#06# and your number will pop up automatically.

Are you in the military?

How to unlock phone with t mobile

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If you're a T-Mobile customer, there are a few hoops you may need to jump through, depending on your phone and plan. If your device is eligible, T-Mobile will remotely unlock it within two business days. 

Below are all the requirements and steps you'll need to unlock your iOS or Android phone and plan.

How to unlock a phone from T-Mobile

There are several requirements you may need to meet for eligibility, depending on how you purchased your phone. 

Requirements to unlock any phone from T-Mobile 

  • Your phone must be purchased from T-Mobile.
  • The phone cannot be reported lost or stolen.
  • Your account with T-Mobile must be paid in full and in good standing with no fraudulent activity. 
  • You can't have requested more than two device unlocks within a year.

Requirements to unlock a postpaid T-Mobile phone 

  • Your account must be fully paid off, including any payments for the device. 
  • Your device must be active for at least 40 days on T-Mobile's network.

Requirements to unlock a prepaid T-Mobile phone 

  • The device must be active on a T-Mobile network for one year.
  • If the device hasn't been active for a year, each active line on the account must have had over $100 in refills since activating the account, and the device must be 14 days past its date of purchase. 

Note: For postpaid and prepaid phones, T‑Mobile may ask for proof of purchase or information about your account to grant eligibility. 

How to unlock an iPhone on T-Mobile  

Once you've met all the eligibility requirements, you need to contact T-Mobile in order to submit a form to unlock your phone.

If the phone is already unlocked, T-Mobile's site offers a guide for using the phone with other carriers.

How to unlock an Android phone on T-Mobile

The process will vary slightly depending on your phone's manufacturer, but you need to be connected to either the internet or the T-Mobile network. 

You will first need to head to your Settings app and then follow these steps on your device. 

On Samsung phones, Tap Connections, then More Connection Settings, and select Network Unlock.

On OnePlus phones, Tap Wi-Fi & internet, then SIM & network, and select Advanced or Network Unlock.

On LG phones, tap Network & internet, then Mobile networks, then Network unlock, and select Continue.

On a T-Mobile Revvlry phone, tap Network & Internet, then Mobile network, then Advanced, and select Network Unlock.

Next, on any device, select Permanent Unlock to unlock the phone. Then restart your device. 

Unlocking an Android through T-Mobile's Device Unlock app

T-Mobile customers with an Android 7 device or newer can request a code that unlocks your phone through the Device Unlock app from T-Mobile. This application only works on select supported devices and is already installed on the phone. 

To check if your device can use the Device Unlock app, go to T-Mobile's Devices page in a web browser, search for your device, and select it from the list of device images that appear as you type. 

t-mobile phone unlock - search for devices page

Search for the name of your device and select it from the resulting list.Insider

On the page for your device, scroll down to the How Tos section, click Security, and then select Mobile Device Unlock from the dropdown menu for further instructions on unlocking your device. 

If your device lacks a Mobile Device Unlock option on that page, it may be ineligible to use the Device Unlock app. In that case, you should contact T-Mobile for further instructions. 

Military personnel exclusions for unlocking a T-Mobile phone 

Regardless of the type of phone you have, if you're an active military personnel you can have your phone unlocked at any time as long as the account is in good standing and you have documentation to confirm your deployment. T-Mobile asks that you contact them to assist with the unlocking process.

Can I unlock my T

Unlock a Phone on T-Mobile To unlock a T-Mobile device, go to T-Mobile's unlock page and follow the steps listed for your phone's manufacturer. If 40 days have passed since you bought your phone through the carrier and your postpaid account is in good standing, T-Mobile will unlock your phone.

Can I unlock my phone from T

Tap your phone in the Devices section. Scroll down and tap Security under "How Tos." Tap Mobile Device Unlock and follow the on-screen instructions. You're all done!

What are the requirements to unlock a T

Unlock eligibility for mobile devices on Postpaid plans.
The device must have been active on the T‑Mobile network for at least 40 days on the requesting line..
If the device was financed or leased through T‑Mobile then all payments must be satisfied and the device must be paid in full..

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If your device is eligible, T-Mobile will remotely unlock it within two business days. Below are all the requirements and steps you'll need to unlock your iOS or Android phone and plan.